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The Best VOIP Phone System for your Business

VOIP Phone Systems - Unified CommunicationsIt’s more than just a phone system. It’s a better way to communicate. Switchvox offers Unified Communications you’ll love, at a price you can afford.

VOIP Solution

Digium’s Switchvox system is more than a phone system – it’s the Unified Communications system that integrates all of your office communications, including phone, fax, chat and web mashups. Switchvox combines the power of many products into one, providing you with more features than proprietary systems that have fewer features.

  • Know all you need to know about your caller even before you pick up the phone
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  • Completely integrate your mobile phone with your office phone system
  • Change your out-of-office greetings remotely
  • Receive your voicemail with your email?
  • See presence or the status of people on their phone system to know whether to transfer a call?
  • Take your office on the road?
  • Invest in a phone system with flexibility to grow as you grow?
  • Locate a record automatically in your CRM system when a contact calls you?
  • Transfer and record a call from your cell phone or home phone to a co-worker


Switchvox allows your business to place calls using traditional PSTN telephone lines or VoIP, saving you up to 70% on your monthly phone bill. Out of the box, Switchvox has more features and is more affordable than proprietary systems that have fewer features! And because we don’t lock you in to specific service providers or equipment vendors for your phones, you can choose a solution that fits your needs and your budget.


VOIP Technology - SwitchvoxAn intuitive point-and-click interface allows you to manage every aspect of Switchvox from anywhere you have Internet access. Empower your employees to manage their own Find-me, Follow-me and voicemail boxes. You can easily know the “who, what, when, and where” of your business calls using Switchvox’s extensive features.


Switchvox is more than just a VOIP business phone system, it is a complete Unified Communications solution that combines the power of many products into one. Complete with a conference bridge, chat/instant messaging server and fax server, you can easily consolidate some of your office activities and save more money in the process.


You want a system that will easily accommodate future growth, without unexpected expenses. Scalability and advanced features are just what Switchvox provides. This family of appliances enables you to easily add new users and office locations as your business expands, without disrupting your current communications system. VOIP BUYERS GUIDE >


Your options for voice and data have changed over the past ten years. Ten years ago, you purchased separate telephone lines for your phone network as well as a separate data circuit for your data and Internet traffic. This traditional, communications networks is comprised of dedicated connections, formerly referred to as “nailed-up circuits” limiting flexibility, making moves, adds and changes costly. In essence, when you want to add a user to your network or install new technology, you have to deploy a separate connection for each phone line.

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