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Unified Communications for Business Phones

Now that IP bridges the gap to a universal network protocol, the solution to enable your communications over this technology is Unified Communications (UC). Unified Communications is the solution to empower your IP network to maximize your efficiency and realize the benefits of voice, video and data.  While VoIP is the technology enabling voice transmission on an IP network, UC leverages unified messaging, unified presence, as well as integrating both business data and video applications with your phone system.

Flexibility and Productivity!
UnifiedCommunications combines unified messaging, presence, VoIP and data integration, empowering a mobile workforce. Bloomberg cites productivity and efficiency gains in 2009 trending upward, attributed to a mobile workforce and integrated applications. Mobility redefines the lines between, and the accessibility of, both professional and personal services and needs. This allows for real-time collaboration, helping to accelerate real-time decision-making. With the ability to access business applications anywhere, unified communications empowers today’s workforce.

What are the advantages for your business?

Business VOIP Phones Total Cost OwnershipOpportunity!

Infonetics states most phone extensions today are delivered via IP PBXs, comprising a sizable share of the install base.

Businesses expect to increase their phone extensions at a higher-than-normal growth rate over the next two years due to a shift in the economy. The network continues to evolve and UC is the right way to ensure that your business is ready for the future.

Long-term Savings with Unified Communications and Digium from Virtual IT

You can save money by upgrading your system:

• Eliminate charges for moves, adds, & changes

Carriers charge US$75-$200 a piece for this service.

• Save with built-in conferencing

Shifting from a third-party conferencing service to an internal conferencing system based on unified communications reduces costs.

• Minimize maintenance costs

A technician on-site is required to maintain a traditional PBX system. With a web-interface and easy access, this solution eliminates costly maintenance charges.

• Reduce phone bills

Eliminate toll-charges by calling between branch offices as if they were a local extension in your office. Remote workers and soft-phone users can call from your PBX saving on additional phone lines and charges. Research shows this saves up to 60% on the monthly phone bill.

• Decrease IT network requirements

The company’s IT department can maintain a single network for data, voice, and video rather than separate networks for each. Easy-to-use management and configuration access tools and end-user configuration further simplifies management.

A company with 100 employees could easily gain 40,000 hours a year. That is equivalent to
adding 18 employees to your staff!