Enterprise VOIP PBX Phone Systems

The Enterpise VOIP Switchboard Web-Interface Provides Real-Time Call Control and More

Enterprise VOIP PBX Phone Systems Scalability

Switchvox Apps (Mashups)

Easily mashup Switchvox with any web application to give your employees everything they might need for a call, before they answer it!

Chat (Instant Messaging)

Improve employee communication with integrated chat. Communicate however your workflow demands, without using unsecured public chat servers for corporate communications.

Real-Time Interaction

Switchvox’s Switchboard has click-to-call, and drag-and-drop transfers, and other features that make it easier than ever to communicate intuitively.


Your employees can work smarter when they have access to all office communications within a single screen. See who is in the office, and know who is on a call or away from their desk.

Traditional & VoIP Calls

By mixing VoIP with traditional calls, your business canoptimize communications and save money without sacrificing features.

Recording & Monitoring

Great for training or auditing calls, Switchvox’s recording and monitoring features are just one click away.

Call Queues

Not just for the call center, Switchvox brings powerful call queuing functionality to even the smallest business that needs to efficiently handle inbound calls.

CRM Integration

Switchvox is integrated with Salesforce.com and SugarCRM. Your sales and service organization will have customer information right at their fingertips when they get a phone call. What a productivity boost!

VOIP Phone System Case Studies

Medisave is an established supplier of medical & nursing equipment.

The Union County School District (UCSD) in northern Georgia needed a cost-effective, multi-site communications solution that would replace an existing Mitel 200SX digital switch, while seamlessly integrating with an existing school intercom and paging system and provide school safety for a 2700 student, 500 employee school district.

The University of Pennsylvania recognized an opportunity to take advantage of next generation telephony solutions and the vast potential for adding functionality for its users. Embarking on an initiative to provide telephony and other voice related services over the campus data network, Information Systems and Computing (ISC) is piloting an open source solution that provides cost-effective high function enhanced media services, such as departmental voice systems, voice messaging, automatic call distribution, and operator services.

Enterprise PBX VOIP Phone System Options

For branch operations to head office and call center

Enterprise VOIP PBX Phone Systems

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